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CAMTREE Camera Shoulder Mount Kit 201

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  1. Awesome product
    review by Ernest

    This is one of the best DSLR shoulder rigs. It comes with a universal base plate which fits in almost all the DV, HDV and DSLR cameras. The shoulder support rig comes with an adjustable and soft shoulder pad for comfort. Easy mount capacity with follow focus which makes it easy to set up and easy to use. This can also attach to a tripod increasing its functionality. Improved the film quality.

  2. this is a great product I would recommend.
    review by Silvia

    I really like this product; it gives your small DSLR a big camera look. I received my package in the time expected, it was packaged nicely and all parts were included. The instructions were very helpful in assembling this item, which will take some time because you need to assemble according to your camera; I had to make a few modifications and added a better quick release that allowed me to push my camera forward and backwards. The rigs are made of mostly a very sturdy plastic so you do need to take care while using it which you should do with your equipment anyway. The follow focus works really well I have a few Rokinon Cine lenses and it tracks really good. The company is very responsive if you email them, they do really have great products, really geared for the independent filmmaker on a budget. I'm a firm believer quality comes from the user not that uses the equipment to its fullest. Either way this is a great product I would recommend.

  3. Best Camera Equipment For Photographers!
    review by Kismet

    I was visiting my cousin, when I used the MOVOFILMS camera shoulder mount kit 201. And, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. First of all, this kit does the most important thing for camera person like me – eases the burden on my shoulders. Second, one of the most important things a camera person needs is stability and balance while handling any camera. The MOVOFILMS kit enabled me to take clear shots in motion. Not only that, I could easily adjust the lighting and capture the best shots, enabling me to concentrate thoroughly on my work. I am just starting my career in photography and once I used this kit, I realised that this is a must have for an amateur like me. I know for sure that this will ensure that my work is perfect and I am able to capture it all - richness of colours, brightness of the sunlight, dusky evenings as well as emotions that will turn into wonderful memories. I am glad I made the trip, for I have now made an investment of a lifetime!

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-  Camera Screw- 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16
-  Tripod Screw- 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16
-  Height adjustable Quick Release upto 3.5cm
-  Rods diameter- 15mm
-  Matte Box Filter Holder- 4x4” non-rotating
-  O/D of the matte box is 105mm
-  SS counter weight- 1kg/2.2lb
-  Pay load capacity- 7kg/15.4lb
-  Industry standard 0.8 modules Follow Focus.

-   Camtree B3 Camera Shoulder Mount Rig
-  Camshade Matte Box with French and Side flags
-  9" Metal camera cage with Top Handle
-  X5 Follow Focus with Crank
-  Foam lined, custom fit, protective storage bag with easy tote handles.